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Resources for Community Leaders Pursuing Lifelong Learning

By Guest Writer: Sean Morris

Community leaders know just how important it is to continually expand their knowledge of the issues facing their neighbors. But when you’re juggling so many responsibilities and obligations, it can be tough to prioritize learning! These resources will help community leaders invest their time and energy into lifelong learning in order to better serve their communities.

Higher Education

Even if you left school years ago, you can always return to the classroom!

● Read up on the benefits of returning to school as an adult learner.

● Weigh the pros and cons of a few different schools to find the program that is the right fit for you.

● Brushing up on your business skills could definitely serve you well as a leader, so consider earning your MBA in business administration online!

Learning From Others

Turning to other people who are active in your community can teach you important lessons about leadership.

● Focus on networking with accomplished leaders you can learn from!

● Ask other community leaders and activists if they would be open to giving you informational interviews and sharing their expertise.

● If there is someone in your community whom you deeply admire, you may want to seek them out as a mentor.

Making Connections

Getting involved with business and volunteer organizations, or investing in professional development, can help you build confidence as a leader.

● Joining a