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The Mid-Plains United Way is fully committed to three basic operating principles:


a. low-cost fundraising through a single campaign for health and social services.


b. fiscal and program accountability.


c. the citizens review process wherein the volunteer Board of Trustees plan for

    services and allocate funds through a rational and organized system based on     

               needs assessment, accountability, and local determination.


Mid-Plains United Way will not show favoritism in designations to a specific agency.  Such actions by affiliated member agencies will be considered contrary to the basic purpose of the Mid-Plains United Way and will be viewed accordingly by the Community Investment Committee. Mid-Plains United Way will, however, respect the right of the donor to exercise his or her free choice in accordance with the terms of this policy.


I. The Mid-Plains United Way Board of Trustees will allocate all undesignated funds based on evaluation and need of each agency.


2. The Mid-Plains United Way will honor designations to current United Way affiliated agencies. Designations will be considered as “dollars that count toward allocations.”


Agencies who disaffiliate in the same year as the designations are made shall receive such designations provided:


a.    The designation total exceeds the amount allocated so far that year.


b.    The agency has maintained its corporate status as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.


    3. The Mid-Plains United Way will honor negative designations, i.e., when a

    contributor designates that his or her gift not go towards the support of a particular

    agency or agencies. 




Policy first approved on November 16, 2006

 Revised April 24, 2008

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