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The Board of Trustees of the Mid-Plains United Way has the responsibility for balancing the priorities and needs of contributors, member agencies, and people in need of human care services in our community. In the allocation process, the interests of all three of these groups should be considered, without significant preference being given to any.  All Board members will participate in the allocation process.


The Community Investment Committee will have the responsibility to examine all pertinent aspects of agency operations, including fiscal accountability, program, organization, staffing, role of volunteers, etc. The Committee, along with the Board of Trustees, has the responsibility for helping agencies improve their operations. It is not the function of the Community Investment Committee to determine the budgets of member agencies, however, the Committee must understand how the budgets were developed and how the requested allocations were determined. Neither the Community Investment Committee nor the Board of Trustees has, because of these responsibilities, the right to become unduly involved in the internal operations of member agencies.




February first is the annual deadline for new organizations to apply to become a Mid-Plains United Way agency. After review of their application the Community Investment Committee will make their recommendation to the Mid-Plains United Way Board. If a new organization is approved, they enter the allocation process.


1. Agencies Submit Requests for Funding for the Next Calendar Year by February 1.


Community Investment forms requesting program services, organizational and budget information are distributed to any requesting agencies on January 2nd. Forms are to be completed and submitted to Mid-Plains United Way by February 1.


2. Site Visits


Mid-Plains United Way Board teams visit their agencies prior to the allocation meeting. The goal is to do an on-site visit to ensure that the Board of Trustees has a clear picture of program services and facilities. During the site visit budgets are reviewed.


3. Allocation Meeting with Agencies


Each Agency is given 10 minutes to present information to the Board. This meeting gives the entire Board an opportunity to ask additional questions and to get to know the agency representatives.


4. Approval of United Way Allocations to Agencies


The Board reviews each Agency and votes on allocation amounts. The final allocation amount is dependent upon a successful campaign and receipt of committed pledges. Each Agency is notified of their allocation amount in writing.


5. Agency Appeal Process


An Agency may, following Board action on Allocation distribution, make an appeal for reconsideration to the Executive Director. The appeal shall consist of a written statement which must contain either:


1. New and significant information which was not available at the allocation meetings; or


  2. Present the specific hardship that would result.


The Mid-Plains United Way office must receive the agency’s written appeal no later than ten (10) business days after notification of anticipated allocations.


Any appeal that is received will be directed to the Community Investment Committee for review. The committee’s recommendation on the appeal shall be brought to the Board for final action at the next regular Board meeting.


The appealing agency shall be informed of the Board’s action in writing.




Policy first approved on November 16, 2006

Revised June 26, 2008

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