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The existence of any one or more of the following conditions may be reason for termination or reduction of Mid-Plains United Way support.


A.  Failure of the funded agency to meet management and/or fiscal requirements as stated in the agency agreement.


B.  Violation of agency fundraising policy.


C. Determination that the program funded in whole or in part by Mid-Plains United Way no longer provides a service appropriate for United Way support.


D. Significant reduction in a program’s support from other sources other than

     the Mid-Plains United Way with the result that United Way’s support of the program is insufficient to maintain the services being provided and replacement funds cannot be identified after a reasonable mutually agreed upon time frame.


             Should Mid-Plains United Way terminate support of an agency for any of the aforementioned reasons, agency will be allowed to keep any previously distributed funds, but will not receive any remaining funds.  Said remaining funds shall be distributed to other agencies or placed into reserves at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 




Policy first approved on November 16, 2006

Revised June 26, 2008

Revised December 17, 2015

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