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The Mid-Plains United Way, is synonymous with charitable service. The general public associates the Mid-Plains United Way name with many worthy causes in the community. Indeed, for many people, Mid-Plains United Way is the primary way they meet their desire to help their fellow human beings.


Mid-Plains United Way has a unique role as a community leader of philanthropy to benefit human services and as a major resource to local non-profit organizations. Throughout the North Platte area, Mid-Plains United Way has earned public trust, nurtured by years of ethical, honest and responsible charitable service. The continued success of Mid-Plains United Way depends upon the ethical conduct of each agency associated with it, its employees, volunteers and representatives.


Mid-Plains United Way places the highest priority on its relationship with the community. As part of this relationship, Mid-Plains United Way responds to, serves, and supports the community by working to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another. In an effort to achieve this goal, Mid-Plains United Way strives to create a vision and direction that will generate leadership and encourage the community to be the best it can be.


Mid-Plains United Way employees set an example for other nonprofit organizations by their high standards of performance, professionalism, volunteer and charitable activities, helping of the less fortunate and ethical conduct.


This Code of Ethics is the policy of Mid-Plains United Way and expresses fundamental values. Accordingly, this Code guides the conduct of all employees, volunteers, and representatives of Mid-Plains United Way, and is intended to foster an environment that promotes ethical conduct in carrying out their responsibilities.

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