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  1. All Agencies must be represented at any Kick-off event, and all agency relations meetings.


  1. All Agencies will be advised in advance of any other events at which their attendance is required.


  1. All Agencies must have a representative from their organization attend quarterly review meetings. Financial documents including how United Way funds are spent and written quarterly project updates will be due prior to the meeting. Checks will be made available for pick-up after the meeting is complete. Checks may be withheld until completion of tasks if a meeting is missed and/or documents are not submitted when due. If no one from the Agency is available to attend the quarterly meeting, they must request an excused absence from the Mid-Plains United Way executive director. Once the absence is approved, the agency is responsible for scheduling a make-up meeting with the United Way executive director.


  1. If the agency representative will be unable to attend any of the above mentioned, a volunteer or agency board member may take their place.  The Agency should notify Mid-Plains United Way who will be attending the event.


  1. One unexcused absence or failure to provide requested documents may result in a reduction of funding, up to 25% of that agency’s yearly allocation.  Agencies are considered to have an unexcused absence when no communication had been made to the Mid-Plains United Way office 3 days prior to the event or meeting.  An excessive amount of unexcused absences or 3 excused absences in a year may also result in reduction of yearly allocation, based on Mid-Plains United Way Board of Trustees recommendation.


The Mid-Plains United Way Board feels the importance of our member agencies

attending and participating in the above mentioned events is paramount to the success of our common goal.  The display of our agencies’ continued support is a vital part in helping with public perception of the Mid-Plains United Way.  This attendance policy is not intended to be perceived as a burden on the Mid-Plains United Way member agencies.  The Mid-Plains United Way board is simply attempting to be responsible stewards of the public funds we receive.




Policy first approved on July 15, 2004

Revised June 26, 2008

Revised May 28, 2019

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