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OBJECTIVE: To ensure that funds are deposited and invested in a reasonable and prudent manner.


SCOPE: Covers all of the following funds maintained by the Mid-Plains United Way except the Endowment Fund.


I.   Checking Accounts


2.  Savings Accounts


3.  Other Investments


PROCEDURE: The Treasurer of the organization in cooperation with the Finance Committee will follow these steps in depositing and/or investing funds:


I. Determine the amount of funds and duration to be deposited or invested.


2. Funds should be deposited or invested in federally insured financial

    institutions in the North Platte area.


3. In cases where there is no significant differences in return on investment, as

    determined by the Finance Committee, funds may be invested

    on a rotating basis.


    4. Checking accounts will not be rotated, and will be established based on

        directives of the Finance Committee.



FINANCE COMMITTEEThe Finance Committee will consist of not less than 4 nor more than 6members who shall be made up of the following and serve the following terms:


  • The Executive Director of Mid-Plains United Way — Ex-Officio-Present, but not on the committee.

  • The CFO of Mid-Plains United Way

  • The Treasurer of Mid-Plains United Way

  • The President of Mid-Plains United Way — 1 year

  • Directors of the Mid-Plains United Way —2 years


Vacancies in the Finance Committee will be filled by nomination of the current Board President, subject to the approval of the Mid-Plains United Way Board. Members of the Finance Committee shall be eligible to succeed themselves in office for any number of terms while being a director of Mid-Plains United Way.




Policy first approved on November 16, 2006

Revised August 24, 2011

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