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Truth or Dare for COVID-19 Relief

Lives have been turned upsidedown not only across the world, but also right here in our community.

Our neighbors have lost jobs, our children prevented from going to school and all have been denied hugs from loved ones. All because of a virus.

Small businesses fight to keep doors open and local non-profits struggle to keep up with increased demand for basic needs with limited resources. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in our lives.

To help local non-profits meet all needs, Mid-Plains United Way has launched a special online fundraiser:

TRUTH or DARE Challenge.

This fundraiser is not only meant to help provide community relief for COVID-19, but it’s also meant to provide some fun entertainment for all who are nestled up at home.

So, take your pick and challenge a Mid-Plains United Way team member to a truth or dare for the price of a donation! Here’s how it works, go to, fill out the form and complete your donation. It’s that easy! Team members will complete your challenge and post the video to our social media pages. 

If a board member or staff does not accept your challenge, they must convince 2 other people on our team to complete it for them or match your donation. Truths and dares must be reasonable and safe. If your dare requires an additional item, please ship it to us so we can complete it. All proceeds will be split 50/50 for COVID-19 Community Relief and meeting basic needs for our Partner Agencies. The primary areas that will be focused on with COVID-19 Relief is rent assistance, utility assistance and access to food.

So, make your donation, and let the games begin!

Donation Structure:

$50: Challenge our Executive Director      

$100: Challenge our Administrative Assistant

$200: Challenge a Board Member         

Executive Director: Alisha Forbes - Administrative Assistant: Tammy Poe - Board Members: Julie Buoy - President (First National Bank), Tami Timmerman-Lashley - Vice-President (Lashley Land Recreational Brokers), Aaron Vieyra - Secretary (Gateway Realty), Cindy Volkmer - Treasurer (Kelley, Scritsmier & Byrne Law Firm), Jarod Cole (Union Pacific Railroad), Dee Klein (The North Platte Telegraph), Katie Isenbart (First National Bank), Nick McKay (Great Plains Health), Judy Pederson (Pro Printing and Graphics).

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