Truth or Dare Challenge 

Make a donation and challenge someone on our team to a TRUTH or DARE.

Take your pick and challenge Mid-Plains United Way to a truth or dare. Must be reasonable and safe. If your dare requires an additional item, please ship it to us so we can complete the dare. If a board member or staff does not accept your challenge, they must convince 2 other people on our team to complete the challenge for them or match your donation! All proceeds will go to our Partner Agencies. Make your donation, and let the games begin!


Click on an image above to see name and title.

Donation Structure:

$30: Challenge our Executive Director       

$50: Challenge our Administrative Assistant

$75: Challenge a Board Member                  

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Click on an image above to see names and titles.



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Need a TRUTH or DARE suggestion?

I dare you to name all of your partner agencies from memory.

Click on an image above to see names and titles.