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How it all started.....right here in North Platte

Our organization's history began shortly after World War II started (1940) with the Red Feather Eight-N-One Campaign in North Platte. The “Eight-N-One” signified the eight partner nonprofit agencies that were fundraising together under one campaign. This partnership continued to grow until the annual campaign led to the creation of a formal organization in the late 1950s - North Platte's first Community Chest.

In 1962, the North Platte Community Chest was renamed the United Fund. Under the United Fund name, our organization reached its fundraising goal for the first time - 26 years after the first Red Feather Campaign. The goal that year (1966) was $63,173.70.

Six years later (1972), United Way of America was founded. However, United Fund did not change its name and become a United Way of America member until a few years later. On October 1, 1980, United Way of North Platte became incorporated, and with it, an official member of the United Way family.

On October 6, 1986, United Way of North Platte grew its service area from the community of North Platte to 16 total counties. This transition led to the 5th and last name change for our organization: Mid-Plains United Way.

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