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Job Opening at NE Youth Center

Nebraska Youth Center

Position Description

Position Title: Youth Care Worker/Overnight Youth Care Worker

Report To: House Manager, Program Director

Evaluation: Evaluated annually by House Manager, Program Director

Position Description: The Youth Care Worker is responsible to carry out all daily activities within the NYC Group Home while providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing living/learning environment for all residents. Supports and services given to the youth will be based on NYC Mission Statement, policies and procedures. The Youth Care Worker will ensure that the staff to resident ratio is maintained at all times.

I. Job Requirements

1) Must be legally eligible to be employed in the United States.

2) Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

3) Background Checks: Must pass the following background checks: Intellicorp, E-Verify, Nebraska State Patrol Criminal History, DMV, Nebraska Sex Offender Registry, Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services. Some of these background checks will be conducted in any previous states you have resided as well.

4) Driver’s License: A valid driver’s license is required.

5) Age Requirements: Must be 22 years of age or older.

6) Health Checks: Must have DHHS health form (provided by Nebraska Youth Center and Emergency Shelter Care) filled out and signed by a physician.

7) Probation: Cannot currently be on probation. If previously on probation, employment at Nebraska Youth Center and Emergency Shelter Care will be determined on a case by case basis by Administration and Program Director.

8) Must be able to lift up to 15lbs.

9) Must be able to sit and/or stand for duration of shift.

10) All shifts MUST REMAIN AWAKE for the entirety of the shift.

11) Must be able to pass drug test at time of hire, and random drug tests thereafter.

II. Areas of Responsibilities

A. Teaching

1) Will act as a positive, energetic role-model for the youth.

2) Will take every opportunity to provide appropriate teaching interaction in the home, in the community, and in all activities. This will include but not be limited to: daily routines, cooking, cleaning, taking care of personal space, interpersonal relationships, working with authority figures, self-esteem, decision making, problem solving, positive thinking, school work, etc.

3) Will customize teaching strategies to match specific individual youth needs.

4) Will utilize the Motivation System (point card) to aid in the teaching and learning process.

5) Will utilize a family meeting system (Family Conference) to teach and reinforce desirable and appropriate behaviors. This will include but not be limited to: weekly review of each youth's individual goals, problem solving, positive thinking, interpersonal relationships, working with authority figures, decision making, self-esteem, etc. Staff will maintain control of these meetings at all times.

6) Will use professional and practical judgment in all situations at all times.

B. Environmental

1) Will maintain an environment conducive to individual expression.

2) Will report all maintenance needs to the Administration.

3) Will assist in correcting minor maintenance needs.

4) Will assist and supervise residents in regular cleaning activities.

5) Will take the initiative to organize any extra cleaning activity that is necessary to keep the home at the expected standard of cleanliness.

C. Health and Medical

1) Will monitor routine health needs of youth residing in the home.

2) Will transport youth to all necessary appointments and accompany them whenever requested.

3) Will document appropriate information in youth and staff logs. (Medical reports, prescription information. etc.)

4) Will supervise youth's interaction with physician prescribed medication and over-the-counter medication and log it accordingly.

5) Will have physician prescribed medication orders filled by a licensed pharmacist, this will be done in a timely manner.

6) Will notify the Program Director of all medical emergencies

D. Nutrition

1) Will supervise daily meal preparation, table setting, and clearing. Staff will teach according to specific youth needs.

2) Will be certain to serve well balanced meals.

3) Will partake of the meals with the youth in a family setting.

4) Will supervise the quality of daily snacks.

5) Will take measures to eliminate food waste.

6) Will maintain appropriate documentation of the Food Log and Commodities Log.

E. Record Keeping and Communication

1) Will maintain individual youth files according to policy and procedure.

2) Will document pertinent information in the Staff Log.

3) Will document pertinent information in the resident's Daily Individual Log, according to policy and procedure.

4) Will document incidents or behavior on appropriate report forms.

5) Will document all phone communication for residents in the Staff Phone Log.

6) Will maintain an open line of communication with all staff members, Administration and Program Director.

7) At the beginning of a scheduled shift, will read and initial all necessary documentation from previous shifts.

8) Will read and sign resident files within a month from intake.

9) Attend other resident related meetings as assigned by program director.

F. Staff Training

1) Will attend staff meetings as scheduled. Attendance is mandatory unless prior arrangements have been made with manager or program director.

2) Each staff member is required to have 24 hours of pre-service training and 12 hours of ongoing training annually. Training will include but not be limited to: Boy's Town "Common Sense Parenting" training, Defensive Driving, first aid and CPR training, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, youth intervention and treatment, food preparation and documentation, behavior modification, abuse/neglect behaviors and reporting requirements, professionalism in Youth Care Workers, youth developmental concerns (sexuality, social skills, independence/guidance), working with juvenile offenders, and emergency procedures (fire, tornado, medical).

G. Miscellaneous

1) While on duty staff is not allowed to have visiting family, friends, or pets unless previously approved by manager or program director.

2) Personal Cell phone use while on duty is strictly prohibited. Cell phones will remain in the time room throughout the shift. The House phone number is available for family, in case of an emergency.

3) Report any repair needs to the Administration on a maintenance form and turn into the Administration.

4) Regularly fuel vans

5) Monitor and maintain the cleanliness and working condition of all equipment and appliances.

6) Maintain a maintenance/repair log on each appliance.

7) NYC/ESC Intake workers will be responsible for being on call if needed to report to NYC/ESC facility when Law Enforcement Officers, Probation, or other referring agency has a youth that is to be assessed for intake.

8) NYC/ESC Intake worker will be responsible for understanding the admission criteria, paperwork, and all policy and procedures.

My signature below certifies that I have read, understand an agree to engage in the duties outlined in this job description.

Staff Signature: _________________________________________ Date: __________________

Administration: __________________________________________ Date: ___________________

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