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Mentoring for Success

We all have someone that we look up to or look to for advice from time to time, regardless of our age. For some of us, finding a mentor proves very easy. For others, the process is much harder. Luckily, the Community Connections Mentoring Program exists in North Platte, Nebraska. This great non-profit matches youth to fantastic mentors.

Community Connections Mentoring matches youth mentees with adult mentors. Their goal is to help children reach their full potential through relationships with adult mentors. These adult mentors spend 4-8 hours per month at least with their mentees. Angela Hipp, Program Director of Community Connections Mentoring stated that many mentor pairs spend much more time than that together.

Mid-Plains United Way helps fund and support Community Connections' Mentoring program. In one year's time, roughly 104 youth are served by their funding. These funds help the mentoring program provide activities and skill building challenges to mentor pairs.

Great things are happening in the local community due to this program. Let's take a look at a local youth who was impacted greatly from the program:

A young boy in grade school had an extremely difficult home life. His family was in and out of jail. The boy was put into foster care. He became matched up with a mentor and gained a great relationship with this adult. His life was full of traumatic ups and downs, but the one steady constant in his life was his mentor. When something traumatic happened, he always reached out to his mentor. The mentor program is proud to be able to provide that in someone's life.

Donate to Mid-Plains United Way today to help Community Connections' Mentoring Program:

Please call 308-532-8870 or e-mail for any inquiries.

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