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Feed Your Soul & a Senior

By Mid-Plains United Way Executive Director: Kylee Odenbach

BackPack, No Kid Hungry and Afterschool programs are all wonderful initiative projects in today's society. They help children receive all the resources necessary to be successful. Amazing organizations, no doubt about that. The only issue I find is that we often forget about assistance programs that help seniors. So many initiatives exist for youth, community development, etc. What about the elderly? Are they to be forgotten?

The Facts

  • 1 in 5 seniors experience food insecurity in the U.S.

  • Nebraska ranks 9th for seniors threatened by hunger

  • Meals on Wheels serves over 200 million seniors each year

Local Star

We all know that these issues persist, but sometimes aren't sure how close to home they are. Food insecurity among seniors is not only a national issue, but a local one as well. North Platte Senior Center provides Meals on Wheels in the community to address senior hunger and isolation. Seniors that receive this meal service experience a greater reduction in the rate of falls daily. Many seniors in the area cannot afford to feed themselves or their pets. Covid-19 has made this even harder on the elderly. Not only does the center address hunger issues, they provide a place where seniors can get together for activities. These include playing cards, bingo, and other activities. North Platte Senior Center is a local star in our community. By volunteering or donating your time, you can help them shine even brighter.

How You Can Help

Mid-Plains United Way works with 14 partner agencies in the local community. North Platte Senior Center is just one of those agencies. We all have the same goal: to build a community that works together to benefit the common good of the people. Not only does United Way help these organizations financially, but with volunteer work as well. When you donate to Mid-Plains United Way, you are helping your local community members with everyday needs.

Visit: for more information or to make a difference today.

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