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Prescription Collection Cancelled Temporarily - New Option Available

In order to prevent community spread of COVID-19 and aid in the health and wellness of our community, the November 21st monthly Prescription Drug Collection will be temporarily canceled.

A new resource, however, is now available to individuals who use the monthly Prescription Drug to prevent prescription drug misuse. Community Connections will be purchasing a limited supply of Deterra System pouches. The patented Deterra System is a scientifically proven product, powered by proprietary MAT 12 Molecular Adsorption Technology. In a simple 3-step process, an individual can deactivate drugs, which can help prevent drug misuse and help protect the environment. This product allows individuals to properly dispose of their medications at home in a way that is both safe and environmentally friendly. One small pouch can hold up to 15 pills or 2 ounces of liquid medication.

This product deactivates medications using activated carbon making them unavailable for misuse and non-retrievable for all practical purposes. The current availability of Deterra will not replace the Monthly Prescription Drug Collection. Deterra, a reliable and vetted alternative to disposing of medications, is one strategy among many to stop medication misuse. Once community spread of COVID-19 has improved, the monthly Prescription Drug Collection facilitated by Community Connections Substance Abuse Prevention System partners will again be held on schedule at the Platte River Mall.

Deterra pouches will be available to community members, at no cost, on a first come first serve basis as supplies are limited. Any interested person can contact Catiana Urrutia at with the subject line “Deterra Interest/Request”.

Community Connections

Catiana Urrutia, Coordinator 308-696-3358

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